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  1. debra says:

    Your imagination astonishes. Are we ready for a “fear and loathing” political romp sans hallucinogenics? The critiques are wonderfully humorous in the black and getting blacker. Social satire is the only authenticity we might find these days. It is a wonder if anything will be left to salvage after this election. If revolution comes, I will be ready with my puff gun.
    Keep up the good work E Jones Baldwin, since you are having so much fun.!! Proud to know you.

  2. willard bunn says:

    Hello, Eugene

    You and your fellow judges did a fine job yesterday. Mariah Brooks was a deserving winner among a field of talented young people. I hope she does well at the Nationals.

    Also, i hope you got back to Godfrey without incident and celebrated your birthday in the appropriate way.

    Nice to meet you, and

    With regards, Willard

  3. Mike Montgomery here. You sent me your email after we chatted at Joe K’s last week. Sorry to say, not recognizing the address, I killed it. My apologies. I can be overzealous when it comes to computer security.

    Let me say again, I thought you and the others did a first-rate job at the Alton City Cemetery. And, I have enjoyed your writings in The Telegraph.

    I’d like to have a beer or other libation sometime and talk about the cemetery. Your piece in the spring Flaire raised a lot of questions for me.

    Drop me a line when you can. I promise not to immediately trash it.

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