Short Stories



9 Responses to Short Stories

  1. Deborah McCoy says:

    Makes me laugh. Makes me cry. The power of words in the hands of a master.

  2. Brenda Oehler says:

    Enjoy reading your stories. Makes me feel I am there.

  3. Lu Anne Betcher says:

    Been many years and different lives since I saw you and Art at the little church in Glenview doing Jesus Christ Superstar – and how you happened to pop up in Google while I was searching for something completely different is beyond me – but just tugs at the heartstrings to read your writing now and remember us all then. Nice to stumble across the memories.

  4. Roberta Godar says:

    Loved your article in the paper today(Jan 9th). Look forward to reading your writings.

  5. Kim Carrington says:

    Thanks for sharing your gift with us! Reminds me to take a few minutes to appreciate what can be found in our own backyard!

  6. Michele Graff says:

    Looking forward to reading much more

  7. Jan says:

    Hello, Cousin.

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