The Confessions of Ewing Eugene Baldwin

I tortured and raped slaves in Cuba in 1539

I transported African slaves in 1619

I sentenced John Punch to slavery in 1640

I burned revolting slaves in New York in 1712

I raped Sally Hemings in 1778

I brought my slaves to the Illinois Territory, to become its first governor in 1809

I beat Harriet Tubman in 1830

I assassinated Elijah P. Lovejoy in Alton, Illinois in 1847

I hanged John Brown in 1859

I whipped the slave Peter in 1863

I beat and hanged Albert Martin in 1889

I burned Henry smith with hot irons then set him on fire and sold his remains in 1893

I sold Sam Hose’s mutilated body parts in 1899

I lynched David Wyatt in the Belleville, Illinois town square in 1903

I doused Ell Persons with kerosene and burned her alive in 1917

I hanged Mary Turner upside down from a tree and set her on fire in 1918

I burned Charles Wright at the stake in 1922

I forced Willie James Howard to jump to his death from a bridge in 1944

I set a cross on fire at the Elijah Conley house, Alton, Illinois, 1950

I murdered Emmet Till in 1955

I beat John Lewis nearly to death in 1965

I assassinated Martin Luther King in 1968

I dragged James Byrd Jr. to death behind my car in 1998

I murdered Michael Brown in 2014

I suffocated George Floyd in 2020

I shot Breanna Taylor to death for being in her own house in 2020


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