In the Forsythia Ballroom

In the Forsythia Ballroom

drab in winter but colored bird

song sparrows sin and sing scat

swinging cardinals dance the Bounce

The balcony section, Honeysuckle,

upside down, man, with nuthatches

powdered snow confetti raining down


In the Forsythia Ballroom,

Oh, dig them juncos’ dance on ice

the necking finches in their booths swaying

birds air trumpeting Bird

of a feather of titmice footprints

No chicks allowed no smoking

but drinking smashberry wine

vaping vamping very verisimilitude

you dig, no, really, you dig


In the Forsythia Ballroom

the lights fade to silver to thread

let’s kick back bug cocktails

make bird babies

let’s thrum throat drum let’s twist

whose bushes these are

this cheap motel branch

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