March 31, 2012

Peepers and bullfrogs singing Rite of Spring

Two barred owls, dark-draped wings, stealth bombers of the wood

A blue swallowtail, ten Common blues and a checkerspot: butterflies warming

One flowering tree, delicate white petals shivery like ladies’ skirts in a ¬†breeze

Thirty-seven redheaded woodpeckers, grunt-grunt, hammer strut

Twelve pileated woodpeckers, the drilling knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s trees

Three does watching me, twitching lacy tails

Two red-tail hawks shrieking, “Get away from here!”

A fat groundhog waddling, its belly dragging mud

Forty-three pelicans, gleaming white in the sun, floating downstream on FatherRiver

Six waterfalls etching the limestone east to west, master carvers, water music

A snowy egret fishing without a license

Nuthatches, black-capped sparrows, olive-hued goldfinches:

Birdsong anthems  and the chorus is




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