Steve King Not Related to Stephen King

Representative Steve King of Iowa is enthusiastically expounding his theory, that so-called Western Civilization is in peril because the birth rates of European states are dropping to a net loss. There goes the neighborhood, King implies, everything good came from Europeans. He means, of course, white people.

Representative King is in fact an example of why Western Civilization, beyond the obvious thinkers and innovators of history – European history – is composed of largely ignorant masses who ride on the coattails of Aristotle and his ilk. Whenever a few self-interested conservative elites control a mass of people, Holocaust of non-whites often follows.

King sneers when he talks about culture, in a racist, good old boy tone. It is likely that he never read the classics of Western Civilization. It is just as likely that, as a school boy, he was mesmerized by the stories of the “conquerors” of the West, represented as heroism in history books, when guns beat spears every time.

I have mentioned before a life-changing book that I read two decades ago, which shatters the myth of white supremacy. “Guns, Germs and Steel,” by Professor Jared Diamond, explains how the sheer luck of Europeans (really one of eight groups migrated out of Africa), landing and living in the only world zone of east/west axis, replete with nutritional plants and forests and animals for domestication (leading to germs which would play a huge role in conquest), and moderate climate, led to discoveries and enormous advantages based on comfort of people to pursue ideas rather than stay in survival mode.

In other words, white European people (we paled as the melanin in our skin was no longer required for tropic mode), we won the advantage lottery – after we migrated from Africa. Had any other ethnic group won the land lottery, their cultures would have thrived in the same or a similar way.

“Guns, Germs and Steel” won the Pulitzer Prize and was translated into thirty-three languages. Diamond is considered one of the top scientists and intellectuals in the world. The book is also a hell of a read and one the seminal books of the history of human evolution. It is one of the greatest refutations of racism you will ever read.

Steve King, not to be confused with Stephen King (though Steve is a horror beyond Stephen King’s imagination), has discovered nothing, possesses little or no talent, talks like “Babbitt” and is at best unread, unwashed, and unfulfilled. He dropped out of college, received three draft deferments, and is the founder of King Construction. Talk about Representative material. He reminds me of that pillar of conservatism, former pest control business owner, founder of the birther movement, and convicted criminal Tom Delay.

Compare those gentlemen to, say, W.E.B. DuBois, Henry Louis Gates (those two professors at Harvard), Malcom X, Ralph Ellison, Toni Morrison, etc., whose lineage was not lucky-European, to see the absurdity of Representative King’s racist dogma. Bannon and Breitbart would have us believe that intellect is European, therefore white.

Can advantage, lasting thousands of years, have caused a defect which runs through the generations, leading to hate mongers? It’s how defective genes cause cancer.

Bannon and Company is a cancer. Perhaps we ought to ponder if there is such a thing as defective soul.

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