The 1619 Project, Missoura Style

The 1619 Project, Missoura Style

The Missouri House is about to pass an amendment banning the teaching of the New York Times 1619 Project. The ban will include any curriculum that “identifies people, entities, or institutions as inherently, immutably, or systematically sexist, racist, biased, biased, privileged, or oppressed.”

The House (it is doubtful that any legislator read the stunning, revolutionary 1619 text) claims to have received 600 public comments supporting such a ban, the gist of which is keeping leftist politics out of classrooms.

The 1619 Project, of course, is about the facts of the founding of this country and is supported by progressives who grew up with history books that distorted the truth, of slavery, extermination of Indians, and the myths of the founding fathers. Not a cherry tree chopping event in sight.

Katie Rash, from the group No Left Turn in Education, is quoted in the St. Louis Post: “I don’t think we should be talking about skin color when we’re talking to our kids. You can be left with the conclusion that people are put into dominant or subordinate groups. We should be talking about kindness.”

The kindness of right wingers? Hm. “Honey, that little Black girl in your class is well, not one of us, but you must be kind.”

Katie Rash has a rash, all right. On her white (just guessing) body. Ms. Rash, may I be rash? There is no right turn in education. “Right” and “education” are antonyms.

Her organization’s credo: “We [Whitey] are vocal. We [Whitey] are loud. We [Whitey] are tenacious. We [Whitey]must be heard. But we [Whitey] are civil. We respect the rules [white] of society and legitimate [rightwing] authority. We [Whitey]will not stand down. We [Whitey] are the majority – patriotic [white] Americans who believe that a fair and just society can only be achieved when malleable young [white] minds are free from indoctrination that suppresses their [white] independent thought.”

I Eugene “Whitey” Jones Baldwin, would add, “Tucker Carlson loves us—he is a boob, but he loves us and he backs us. We are white and proud of our slave past, our Indian annihilation past, our fictions about Jefferson and the other founding fathers. But we won’t rub it in your face y’all. The new racism is kindness.”

This all became a thing because Missouri is as backwoods as it gets. Its motto is the “Show Me the Gomer State.” The town of Webster Groves, a hotbed of liberalism, announced it was introducing the 1619 Project and other curricula, and Katie Rash and Governor Mike Parson (Parson/Rash 2024?) have rashes far more dangerous than the clap, and true modern Republicans that they are, they don’t believe in free speech, freedom to protest, freedom for women to mind their own bodies, or the right of Missouri citizens to vote, on Medicaid expansion in this case, and see that vote become law.

After reading a blog post from Superintendent John Simpson, calling for (re. education and justice) “the dismantling of the inequitable systems and structures withing our district,” the national group Parents Defending [White] Education filed a federal civil rights complaint. Oh irony, thou art alive and well. Thy newest constituents: rightwing Gomers using civil rights weapons. This, Horatio, is a terrible swift sword! A Rash sword! Imagine not inequitable systems and structures!

Stella, in a revised version of A Streetcar Named Desire: “I have always been dependent on the kindness of right wingers. Trump 2024.”


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