The Little Girls of Birmingham

“The Little Girls of Birmingham”
The little girls of Birmingham sing,
in their grandpas’ arms forever:
“Will there be a time, no struggles then,”
and the angel grandpas sing: “Never, never
Never, never,
No struggles never.
The little girls of Birmingham
all sparkly from stardust,
Look down on earth and shake their heads,
Sing: They will never understand us,
Never, never,
Never, fornever,
Understand us ever,
The little girls of Birmingham,
the four of them our daughters,
Our tears fall on their broken bones,
The waters turn to River song:
River, River,
River, river,
Neverlasting river,
The little girls of Birmingham sing,
In their aunties’ arms forever:
“Will there ever be no fear?”
The aunties whisper: “Never, never,
Never, never,
Struggles last forever,
Never no fear, ever,
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