nova November

The leaves reign and the rain slashes fueled by snake wind the cold crawling underneath my fingernails chilling my blood nova November remember her pale body pasted wet with leaves and sieves of dust clockwise the cattails chasing their tales

Playing catch knuckleballing oakleaf divers the road slick as ice

She walks naked through the woods her rustred hair hanging to her waist though she never looks back never utters a prayer never gives thanks and this enflames me fills me and I watch and listen Thomas Hardy coming to mind the woman of the moors lit by peatfire

Stained by berry juice peach juice plum jam

Erica as Eroica the tympani tyranny ping-ping-ping of hearts the rush of breath of breatheless footfalls nova November remember breaststroking the lowering of the body the ringlets the trumpeter swans flying fanfareing along the bluffs the creaking of old trees and men

“kisses sweeter than wine” in my synapses my naps’ constant concupiscent lapses

Ice-coat raincoat seedcoat fecund and sleeping in the earthquake the barred owl: who-who/who-who-who-who the unanswered question twilight whylife and worms for midwives and she is gone without warning dies without warning without notice just gone

nova November remember rustling colors lightfilled blindness and child dreams wept and wet

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