What do Stephen Miller and Karl Rove have in common? I don’t mean how ugly they are on the surface—though they are butt ugly. Miller, once he started filling in his bald spot with shoe polish or whatever, is fair game. Internally, both men are monsters-in-training.

Karl Rove, Republicans like to say, was a mealy-mouthed kid whom no one liked. Rove told friends that a little girl pulled him off his bicycle and pummeled him. He spent his career extracting revenge. According to his classmates, Stephen Miller was a rightwing asshole from childhood, berated and bullied. I would bet money that the two of them taunted other kids. Smart, these two. Devoid of conscience.

This has become the norm in the Trump White House: Dumbo Betsy Devos from Education with zero qualifications and her brother, Blackwater stooge Eric Prince; Barr, a condescending prick clinging to his believed white superiority; Sessions, Southern racist; Miller, also condescending, without any hint of passion other than to hurt people; Kirstjen Nielsen, who may have been dropped on her head as a child, so devoid of feeling is she; Steve Mnuchin, born with a sneer or maybe a kid cut his mouth like that—smug, snarky, superior. These are repulsive people.

The right wing is going after people who criticize Mnuchin and Miller, claiming critics are antisemitic. No, they’re just the rightwing extremist Jews in the Trump administration. Trump also has extremist Pentecostals, assorted crooked Christians, New York mobsters, Ayn Rand’s corpse, whores and his pal convicted child molester of thirty underage girls, Jeffrey Epstein, with whom he prefers to hang.

Without white working-class support Trump et al would drown in the cesspool of their own making. Historically, working class and unemployed, powerless whites have needed someone to hate. Blacks are the victims, have been since 1867. “People Who Need to Be White: Hating Blacks Since 1867!”

If I were Czar of the US, and aren’t you glad I’m not, I would order these extremists to reside in those Nielson-ordered border cages built for brown kids, Trump improvising speeches until the rest of them wither and die from word poisoning.

A guy can dream.

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